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works will:

build technology roadmaps this process ensures the availability of technologies to serve strategies and project pipelines.
works will analyze your strategy and project pipeline to identify possible gaps for technology development, partnership or licensing.
the result is a visualized technology roadmap as a companion to your long-term strategy which can be updated periodically to ensure an enduring fit.

analyze technology portfolios often companies are not fully aware of their technological strengths and weaknesses.
works will analyze and distill those capabilities as a basis for a pro-active technology management.
works will also look for technology-push opportunities hidden in the existing technology portfolio.

research suitable technologies for pending projects projects may run into technology gaps which endanger their completion.
works will support by researching technology sources or suggesting workaround solutions.

network with suppliers to create unique technology solutions suppliers are a unique source of technologies and experience.
including suppliers into the technology roadmap and the future supply chain speeds projects and widens the technological radius without binding additional resources.
works will research suitable suppliers and dialogue the technological fit, leaving you to concentrate on the critical path of your projects.

works was founded by Dr. Lüder Mosler, an engineer, material scientist and inventor, to find creative, sustainable and protectable solutions for quality of life Phone +49(5527)748 96 59

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works will:

coach innovators innovators are species of their own and are often not easy to integrate into rigid structures.
much potential is lost because innovators are not understood or did not find the seedbed for their ideas.
works will take a mediating role to help innovators market their ideas and organisations to create a suitable innovation environment.

build IP strategies IP is the most important protection for innovative companies.
however, especially young companies struggle to find an optimized IP-approach.
works will support the identification of an effective IP-strategy, singling out key technologies, defining rules for international filing and building an infrastructure for IP-identification and administration.

optimize IP and project portfolios IP and projects mean massive investments. an outside view can help readjust activities and make sure both IP- and project portfolios are well aligned.
works analyzes portfolios on the basis of simple and transparent evaluation methods to help you make the right decisions.

create effective innovative solutions be it something totally new or an adaptation of an existing product: works can develop solutions to create USPs in existing products, reduce cost by functional integration or improve the IP situation.